The fight has moved from the front lines to the courtroom. Stand in solidarity with Water Protectors and Donate Today.

Last Real Indians has been doing philanthropic work since its inception. Originally created as a spiritual-intellectual brain trust for the benefit of the world, LRI has now evolved its scope to include direct actions, activism, and the rebirth of Indigenous Dignity in real life and online. To this end LRI works with reservation youth via athletic/academic programming to grow out of the imposed poverty culture at work since the late 1800s.

Additionally, LRI has raised funds to reacquire stolen sacred site lands (PeSla), heat reservation homes renewably, and most recently to deploy $2Million worth of humanitarian aid to the historic Dakota Access pipeline struggle. Indeed, LRI founder Chase Iron Eyes (Standing Rock Tribal Member) emerged as a leading voice providing historical, legal, on the ground analysis and insight into the #NODAPL fight.

LRI is in need of a significant media revamp including cameras, laptops, website/app work and software. LRI also needs your help purchasing wrestling mats for Standing Rock Youth, facility costs, other Reservation based wellness efforts as well as general operation & travel costs to continue growing the work necessary to impact our worlds.

Lastly, Chase Iron Eyes is facing up to 5 years in prison for his leadership in the NoDAPL movement.  We are seeking funds to help with legal costs of his case as well as going on the offensive and holding North Dakota accountable for the brutality and rights violations it inflicted on unarmed, prayerful water protectors.

If you want to donate to LRI general fund or specifically for Chase’s legal defense/offense, please specify. If you want to donate significant amounts or you want an appropriate tax-write off certificate for your donation (tax deductible) please email

Wopila Tanka Ichichapelo – Big Thanks to you all!